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A few dos and don’ts of a good father today

Elizabeth Badejo

Every child deserves a good father, one who believes in him/her and who can make all necessary sacrifices in order to ensure that his children fulfil their potential in life.

A good father will place the interests of his children first in every decision in life knowing that his actions will either make or break his family; while his children are more likely to suffer the consequences in the end.

Here are a few dos and don’ts you need to know in your journey to become a good father in today’s tough parenting world:

Do love your children unconditionally; children need all the love and support they can get especially in this competitive world. Every child wants to be happy and the only way to ensure and sustain love in the home is when you show them unconditional love.

Don’t be afraid to guide and discipline your children when they cross their boundaries, set realistic limits and remind them of the consequences of their actions. Discipline with love and take your time to explain to them what they did wrong and listen to their own views too.

Do celebrate every little effort your children make, the small things will eventually lead to bigger things.

Don’t condemn your children when they don’t meet your expectations, every child is different and each will excel at different stages in life.

Do protect your children, especially in today’s very atrocious society where children are victimised on a daily basis. Ensure that they are well informed about the various atrocities happening around them.

Don’t let them live in fear of these threats, teach them how to be courageous and let them know that you have their back so that they can always talk to you about their fears too.

Do create memories for them to cherish for years to come, make their childhood engaging as well as interesting; do not underestimate the importance of playing with them so that they can remember the good times spent with you when they eventually leave home.

Don’t forget to celebrate your children on special events and anniversaries, cultivate the habit of doing something special for them on special days. These moments create a treasure that can be opened and reopened for generations to come.

Do let your children know when you are going through a rough time, disappointments or uncertainties; you will be teaching them the ability to cope through their own life experiences.

Don’t hesitate to show your emotion in the presence of your children; it is not a sign of weakness as everybody has feelings and emotion is common to all.

Do help your spouse to manage house chores when the need arises; your children will be watching your loving gesture and will appreciate your efforts too.

Don’t encourage your sons to play games while your spouse teaches your daughters useful life skills; raise your boys to cook, clean and fix and when you help them master these skills, you would have done your own job.


  • Whatever you do or don’t, make sure you impart your children’s lives with as much love and unique values as possible so that they can make this world a better place for themselves and generations to come.

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A few dos and don’ts of a good father today

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