Updaterng.com is an upcoming leading native digital news site with a primary focus on Nigeria and world news coverage.

Updaterng.com is an independent news organization owned by UPDATER NIGERIA LIMITED. We are non-partisan.

We report stories as we get them without any political or ideological leaning.

We are a mission-based organization dedicated to serving the public interest by providing access to accurate, insightful information about events.

Updaterng.com reaches an influential audience of approximately two million readers each month in many countries and territories.

We reach an audience of all ages that are young at heart, affluent and highly educated.


Updaterng.com’s Mission

Our mission is to objectively and responsibly cover Up-to-date NEWS Across Nigeria and the World beyond and celebrating the best of Nigerian talents with a view to enlighten, educate, entertain and inform our numerous viewers from all parts of the world.

If you find any issues with our reporting, please let us know — by emailing (contact@updaterng.com) so that we can assess the issue and take appropriate action.



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