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American bred Nigerian actres Brycee Adia Bassey says Igbo men have sexy accents


The American bred Nigerian actress insisted that she has an admiration for accents of Igbo men, but has disclosed no reason for her interest.

U.S born Nigerian actress, Brycee Adia Bassey, has revealed how smitten she is about the accents of the Igbo men having disclosed that she considers them sexy.

The “Breathless” actress mentioned this while interacting on Tope Hassan’s the Isoko Africa podcast where she analyzed some issues relating to discrimination of actors in Nollywood.


She said, “I particularly love Igbo accent.

“Igbo men accent, I think are sexy.

“I don’t know why. Don’t laugh, but I love them.”

The actress was also quick in stating the only speech articulation style she is not so thrilled about is the Akwa-Ibom type.

She puts it down in clear and straightforward  terms. This is an accent she is going to have a hard time learning.

“Akwa-Ibom accent. I cannot fake that accent to save my life,” the actress stated.

Her reaction came at the back of comments regarding some of the challenges foreign trained actors encounter while dealing with filmmakers in Nigeria.


The actress announced in her podcast interview that she has secured some movie projects in the United Kingdom.

She quipped about how this will require her to work on acquiring a British accent in a bid to play her roles.

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